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Travel & Mental Health...We Need a Break!

2020....what do you think when you hear 2020? This year has been full of challenges and through it all we have persevered. As a nation, we have suffered loss, been confined to our homes, loss jobs, and more. Outside of the national level what about the personal crises we faced? Has the entire year been bad or can we find a positive in the midst of this pandemic. When the time is right for you, get out and travel.

According to a Forbes (2018) article there are "Five Reasons Why Travel is Good for Your Mental Health". The first and obvious reason is, it is a great stress buster. There is no better way to relieve stress than to travel somewhere not familiar. The second, You get to reinvent yourself. With everything we have dealt with in 2020 its okay to take a look at what is important and what new goals you want to reach... traveling to a new environment can spark creativity. The third, it boost happiness and satisfaction; this is due in part to stepping out of the norm of everyday grind and having free thoughts of what you will do for that day. Tomorrow is tomorrow. The fourth, traveling makes you resilient. By nature, we are creatures of habit and familiarity. When you travel, you are stepping into another environment and it requires you to adapt, explore, and find new things to have an enjoyable experience. The fifth and final reason, your creativity is enhanced. Traveling takes you on this enlightening journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. You tap into creative parts of yourself you did not know were hidden. All of these factors are considered essential benefits of travel.

I know many people are scared to travel during this time...understandable. When the time is right for you...TRAVEL. Explore the world and find the new and creative you. This is the perfect time for reflection. Not only about your next travel destination, but what you want to see 2021 look like for you. Mental Health is Wealth!

-Dayona Turner, Owner

Diamond Travel Group

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