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Diamond Travel Group is now offering the ability for businesses to reach their customers by offering 3 Day 2 Night Getaways for affordable rates. 

Reach your customers and retain customers by offering vacation certificates to locations such as: 

  • Many US Cities

  • Cancun

  • Puerto Rico

  • Freeport The Bahamas

  • and More

While your clients are redeeming their certificates they will also have special access to additional deals on international travel, cruises, restaurant and grocery savings! This is a sure way to WOW your customers and potential clients into booking with your business. 

Each certificate will come with your business name so your customers know this is an offer from you. Customers will be responsible for taxes & fees for the accomodations. 

*Legal Business certification required​ to purchase*

After placing your order, please allow 7-10 days to receive certificates. We will mail them to you directly. 

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